Patrick Peterson isn’t wrong about a certain Cardinals trend

(Photo by Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports) Patrick Peterson
(Photo by Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports) Patrick Peterson /

Patrick Peterson recently called out the Arizona Cardinals organization, including general manager Steve Keim.

While Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson continues to talk more about his former team than his current one, there is one thing he is not wrong about, and that would be the treatment of star defensive players by the Arizona Cardinals.

Over the years, several big-name defensive players have left Arizona, including Calais Campbell, Tyrann Mathieu, Karlos Dansby (multiple times), Darnell Dockett (near the end of his career, but it still matters), and Peterson himself.

While Peterson no longer being with Arizona is a good thing (and he did it to himself), the rest of that group of players should all have been lifelong members of the Cardinals. Why can’t Arizona owner Michael Bidwill get it through to his general managers (Rod Graves and Steve Keim) to value their defensive players?

Sit back and think about it. Other than Larry Wilson, Pat Tillman and Aeneas Williams, how many defensive players can you think of that are more known for their tenure with the Cardinals? How many memorable linebackers has this team had? The answer to the latter is none.

Patrick Peterson is just another spoke in the wheel for the Arizona Cardinals

It doesn’t make sense to how the Cardinals can find these players, develop them, and never keep them around. Minus Budda Baker, who got a big contract from the team before the start of last season. But Baker didn’t really deserve that contract extension. At least that’s what I thought when they gave big money to a guy who hadn’t had an interception in his career.

Now, he definitely earned that money and proved it this year. Had he not performed as well, it may have looked regretful. Time will tell if Isaiah Simmons and Zaven Collins stick around to be lifers with the team. But who knows under the Bidwills, a family that has struggled to get things right outside of 1947, 2008, and 2013 to 2015.

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Defense still wins championships, and that can’t be emphasized enough.