3 favorable matchups for the Cardinals in Week 2 vs. the Vikings

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What are some of the most favorable matchups for the Arizona Cardinals heading into Week 2 against the Minnesota Vikings?

The Arizona Cardinals are set for their Week 2 home opener against the Minnesota Vikings, and while it’s true that the Cardinals will face a more challenging defensive opponent in Week 2 than they did against the Titans in Week 1, there are still a few favorable matchups for the Redbirds. And yes, one of them will involve the receiving unit against the defensive backfield, so the Patrick Peterson factor will apply.

The Vikings showed in Week 1 that they boasted a strong passing attack, which may negate the Cardinals‘ dynamic pass rush. However, their running offense was a different story. And if the Cardinals bottled up Derrick Henry, they can easily force the Vikings into the one-dimensional approach. Dalvin Cook struggled to get anything going in Week 1, rushing for just 61 yards on 20 carries.

And finally, the Vikings had a tough time stopping the run against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 1. With a three-headed rushing attack that includes Chase Edmonds, James Conner, and quarterback Kyler Murray, the Cardinals can easily win this game on the ground instead of through the air as they did in Week 1. Let’s take a deeper look into each favorable matchup the Cardinals have over the Vikings.