3 favorable matchups for the Cardinals in Week 10 vs. the Panthers

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) Jordan Hicks and Budda Baker
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) Jordan Hicks and Budda Baker /
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Team chemistry

Let’s face it. No one had a favorable opinion of the Cardinals heading into Week 9 against the 49ers. Murray was out. Hopkins was out. And I’m sure you thought their chances of winning ranged between slim and none. Then Colt McCoy showed why he’s one of the league’s better backups, completing 22 of 26 passes for 249 yards and a touchdown while James Conner did the rest.

It was a simple formula that worked: Take what the highly-rated San Francisco defense gave them and prepare the brooms for a season sweep. Murray or no Murray, Hopkins or no Hopkins, the Cardinals showed they have chemistry regardless of who’s lining up where.

As for the Panthers, they’re trying to figure it out, as they’re so impressed with Phillip “P.J.” Walker so much they went out and brought back Cam Newton for Act II. But even before Newton’s signing, quarterback Sam Darnold was already on a downward spiral, having not thrown a touchdown pass since Week 6.

The Panthers also made headlines in all the wrong ways sans the Newton signing, with Brian Burns feuding with Mac Jones, and Robby Anderson losing it on the sideline.

Bottom Line: The Cardinals have team chemistry with or without their star players. The Panthers are in a state of disarray.