4 Arizona Cardinals players that must be benched immediately

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Matt Prater – K

This was partially covered in another article, but it begs to be repeated once again. Matt Prater’s confidence is shot, and of course, the holder problems are half the battle. But, at the same time, Prater has missed three kicks for the second time in a game this season.

This will be controversial for Cardinals fans, but Prater may not be the answer. Instead, maybe the team needs to bring in a handful of free agents for competition and see what that does for Prater.

Yes, Prater has done a pretty good job overall this year and hasn’t had any Zane Gonzalez-like moments. However, there needs to be more preparation from the Cardinals’ special teams coach, Devin Fitzsimmons, by having an emergency holder.

There also has to be some way kickers can combat the infamous “Ray Finkle” hold (aka laces out). Of course, by now, there has to be a way they can kick the ball differently or yell out a “fire” call- which activates a pass play at a moment’s notice.