3 reasons why it’s Super Bowl or bust for the Cardinals in 2022

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(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) Kyler Murray /
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Bidwill’s Impatience

This is the “Captain Obvious” reason, I know. But I want to make it clear that if the Cardinals don’t at least contend for the Super Bowl in 2022, someone else won’t just be sitting in Kingsbury’s seat; someone else will be sitting in Steve Keim’s.

In fact, what’s not to say Bidwill pulls a Bud Adams and dismantles the team as the latter did to the old Houston Oilers following the 1993 season?

Here’s what Bidwill recently said about the 2021 season.

"“Disappointing for everybody. For our players, for our coaches, certainly for our fans and certainly as a fan myself, it was very disappointing. We have high expectations. We need to play better.”"

Bidwill has also had internal discussions with both Kingsbury and Keim, though he did not state what those discussions were.

Kingsbury and Keim better hope those discussions will ward off yet another collapse in 2022. If not, they won’t be the only two sent packing. Prepare for the team to take a step back (Kyler Murray or no Kyler Murray) if the Cardinals accomplish anything less than Super Bowl contention next season.

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