5 most memorable Arizona Cardinals meltdowns of all-time

(Photo by Gene Lower/NFLPhotoLibrary) Dennis Green
(Photo by Gene Lower/NFLPhotoLibrary) Dennis Green /
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Arizona Cardinals
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Since moving to the desert, the Arizona Cardinals have seen several meltdowns.

You could call the Arizona Cardinals loss in Super Bowl XLIII a meltdown, but really, they came back from a 20-7 deficit and took a late, 23-20 lead.

It’s more of an incomplete comeback in one of the finest games in Super Bowl history – it just didn’t end fine for the Cardinals.

Therefore, you won’t find Super Bowl XLIII on this list. Though you can probably name a couple of meltdowns off the bat that made the top five. Two of which continue to entertain fans of all 32 NFL teams to this day.

So, what are the top five meltdowns in the team’s history? You will find incidents that range from post-game press conferences to single-game meltdowns, and finally, an entire season. This list will cover only the Arizona Cardinals, so the old Chicago and St. Louis are stories for another day.