Former Heisman Trophy winner thinks Kyler Murray should leave Arizona

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Kyler Murray
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Kyler Murray /

Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III believes that Kyler Murray should make an attempt to part ways with the Arizona Cardinals.

Beginning the 2022 offseason with rumors of a rift between them and star quarterback Kyler Murray is probably not something the Arizona Cardinals saw coming.

But this has been the top Cardinals story since the team’s 2021 season came to an end in the first round of the playoffs. And while it sounds like Arizona is now doing what they can to fix any problems between them Murray, there are still people who think the 24-year-old quarterback should try to get out of the desert.

Most recently, ESPN’s Robert Griffin III, a former Heisman Trophy winner and a former NFL quarterback, shared his thoughts on what Murray should do in the near future.

Robert Griffin III says Kyler Murray should “want out” of the Arizona Cardinals organization

During a recent appearance on ESPN, Griffin gave his opinion on how the young Cardinals quarterback should approach his situation with his current team.

"“If you’re Kyler Murray, you have to want out. The report that came out from anonymous sources from the front office was low-down and dirty. Kyler Murray is a guy that’s made [the Cardinals] relevant. He’s a guy that put it all on the line for them. And yeah, he didn’t play great in the playoff game for them. He shouldn’t want out because of fans. He shouldn’t want out because of his teammates. He should want out because of what [the Cardinals] did to him publicly.That does not help him become a better leader in the locker room. If anything, it undermines him because now players know that ‘hey, the organization is not really sold on this guy, so why should I listen to him? Why should I follow his lead when they’re not even trusting in what he can possibly do?’So unless the Cardinals come out and publicly defend Kyler Murray against the claims that clearly came from them, I don’t see how they can mend that relationship, and he should want out of there as fast as freaking possible.”"

Now, these comments were made on Thursday, a day before Cardinals owner Michael Bidwell went on Arizona’s 98.7 FM on Friday and attempted to make sure the public is aware that the franchise is committed to Murray as their quarterback for the long term.

Arizona fans will likely feel a little better after Bidwell’s comments, but his feelings could still be very different than Murray‘s. Someone within the organization clearly has a problem with the team’s starting quarterback and this might not be the last time we hear about it.

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As for the 2022 season, it’s safe to assume that Murray will be back under center for Arizona. Beyond that? It’s anyone’s guess.