Arizona Cardinals’ don’t charge that much for beer at games

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When you go to an Arizona Cardinals game, the last thing that should take a big hit is your own pocket.

Fans already pay enough to get their seats, and luckily, the Arizona Cardinals recognize that. That’s why they are one of the NFL teams that charge the least for a beer at the game.  A recent listing of the average beer prices at NFL stadiums was released.

Coming in as the most expensive were the Commanders, at $14 a pop. The cheapest were the Lions at just five dollars for a single beer on average. So where do the Cardinals land on this list exactly?

Arizona’s beer prices are on average, $6.50. That’s a pretty good bargain and is among the cheapest beers to get in all of the league. Considering that most pro sporting events overcharge for food and drinks, it’s great to see the Cardinals getting it right.

Arizona Cardinals charge below-average price for beers at StateFarm Stadium

Having been born in Wisconsin where we know our beer and how much it should cost, it has my seal of approval. Whoever is the Cardinals decision-maker on prices has gotten it right as well. If only the NFL’s official sponsor wasn’t Bud Light, but we’ll save that discussion for another time.

With the 2022 season getting closer, hopefully a lot of happy drinks and beverages will be flowing as the Arizona Cardinals look to make back-to-back postseason appearances since the 2008 and 2009 seasons.

The Cardinals will have a tough road due to a grueling schedule and DeAndre Hopkins being suspended for the first six games. Quarterback Kyler Murray is going to face his toughest test yet as he plays for his first big contraction extension in his career.

At least the fans of the team won’t be shelling out big for celebratory victory beers this season when the Cardinals win at home.

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