Arizona Cardinals HC Kliff Kingsbury gets rated as top-five coach in the NFL by PFF

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Kliff Kingsbury
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Kliff Kingsbury /

Another summer, another time for bad rankings by the most controversial site, Pro Football Focus.

Over the past few years, Pro Football Focus’ rankings have been crazy, and the Arizona Cardinals have just now become a part of the latest head-scratching rankings.

PFF set out to rank the head coaches using a Pythagorean system which attempted to organize coaches on their floor and ceiling of wins with an average team. But, of course, it’s something that didn’t need to be done, as their rankings prove that this is a seismic joke.

The real crime is that Kliff Kingsbury was ranked as the fourth-best head coach. Kingsbury was one spot ahead of Pete Carroll and two spots ahead of Matt LaFleur. I’m sorry, but who let this get released?

Kingsbury’s time with the Arizona Cardinals has gotten better each season but also equally more frustrating. Everyone is starting to associate the Cardinals as late-season chokers, and if that doesn’t change this year, talks will be needed.

There’s no way Kliff Kingsbury, the coach of the Arizona Cardinals, is the fourth-best coach in the NFL.

Even with some created ranking systems, this is not a valid system as the line between qualitative and quantitative gets crossed when ranking the “best” coaches in the league.

Trying to state that Kingsbury is a better coach than LaFleur in any way is an excellent way not to be taken seriously. We could really get into why there’s an atmospheric gap between these two, but I don’t have to, as the observation alone tells you who is really better.

The same argument can be made of Sean McVay coming 12th (!) place. Kingsbury would only move up to this spot if he takes the Cardinals to the NFC Championship game or wins a Super Bowl.

Until then, it’s one lousy set of rankings.

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