Arizona Cardinals have been pretty similar to L.A. Rams since 2000

Nfc Wild Card Playoff Cardinals Vs Rams
Nfc Wild Card Playoff Cardinals Vs Rams /

Arizona Cardinals fans shouldn’t accept any smack talk from L.A. Rams fans for one main reason.

By now, everyone knows that the Arizona Cardinals got run over by the L.A. Rams on their way to winning Super Bowl LVI. But historically speaking, how much better are the Rams than the Cardinals?

A simple StatMuse search of each team’s win totals since 2000 suffices. This includes the Rams’ first Super Bowl win, which came just days into the new millennium.

Here’s the news flash: The Rams are NOT  that much better than the Cardinals.

The Rams have had 166 wins since 2000. Arizona? 156. One can make the argument that two rings are two rings, and that’s valid. That’s not the point though.

Arizona Cardinals can close in on the Rams in the next few years

The point is that L.A. only has so much time with Matthew Stafford. Eventually, he’ll revert to his Detroit form as he gets older.

Eventually, the cap space will have to hurt the Rams. Arizona has shown three straight years of improvement under Kyler Murray- can they make it a fourth consecutive year?

Let’s not forget how the Rams had a three-year stretch where they went 3-13, 2-14, and 1-15. The Cardinals didn’t do the greatest and had some low win totals, but the lowest was three. Not to mention the most successful stints in team history to this point from 2007-09, and 2013-15.

The Cardinals could just be in for another one of those extended periods of winning. It’s sad that three years is extended for the Cardinals- but we’ll take every one we get!

It’s going to be tough this year, and the first matchup will probably go to the Rams due to the lack of DeAndre Hopkins on the field.

Regardless of what happens, the Cardinals and Cardinals fans should not be afraid of these over-talkative neighbors to the west.

To be the best, the Cardinals will have to beat the best. Bring on the Rams!

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