This Arizona Cardinals-New York Jets trade proposal is downright awful

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The offseason can be wild for trade proposals, and the Arizona Cardinals are included this time.

It’s a slow time in the NFL, with not much news going around, so when list and proposal season rolls around, those things get eaten up. Some are good, and some are bad, just like the one we’re talking about today.

When one thinks of potential trade pieces the Cardinals could realistically send away, what does your mind come up with? Having a hard time? You’re not alone. Outside of Andy Isabella, is there anyone on the team the Cardinals could afford to trade away?

The realistic answer to that is no, but this is proposal season- so anything goes. So would Arizona Cardinals fans want to trade Isaiah Simmons away? That’s what one trade proposal has in mind from

In return, the Cardinals would get a conditional third-round pick. Excuse me, but what?

The Arizona Cardinals would never trade Isaiah Simmons for this terrible trade return.

This trade shows a lack of understanding of what Simmons means to the team and how much of an impact he is already making on the team. What was the reasoning for why this trade would work?

Well, here you go:

"The price tag to acquire him should be relatively low considering his abysmal Pro Football Focus grades and lack of an overall impact thus far in his career, but it would be a low risk versus high reward kind of move."

It’s 2022, and if you’re still putting serious stock into PFF grades after their recent string of bad and wacky rankings, trade proposals, and lists, it’s time to stop that. Simmons has stepped up as a leader and is performing much better than Zaven Collins.

Simmons has singlehandedly won two games for the Cardinals, from the 2020 Sunday Night Football matchup when he intercepted Russell Wilson in overtime and this year when he stonewalled Trey Lance on the goal line in Week 4.

Those should only improve as he takes a business approach to his career. To think that the Cardinals would give up on Simmons for something like that is just laughable and dismissable.

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