Arizona Cardinals still dinking around as teams continue to unveil new looks


Another day, another team in the NFL not named the Arizona Cardinals is getting a new look.

Here we go again. Well documented as the worst uniforms in the league, the Arizona Cardinals and their fans have been practically begging the team for new uniforms. Meanwhile, we’ve seen a handful of teams get those changes done or add new wrinkles to their wardrobe.

The Eagles made a change, the Patriots brought back the classic “Pat Pete” uniforms, and now the Texans are donning a red helmet. Yes, it even seems that the Texans of all teams are better at acknowledging their shortcomings when it comes to their Sunday’s best.

I mean, just look at how awesome this thing is. This is one of the better helmets in the league.

Arizona Cardinals uniforms continue to be lazy and uninspired

I’ve written about the saga of how heading into the 2021 season in which, Kyler Murray nearly got the team to get this process started. The Cardinals have repeatedly denied any requests to update their duds, as evidenced by this passive-aggressive tweet.

The Cardinals’ 2005 uniform change brought them into the playoffs, and another one may just be one of the next coincidental changes that they take to their second Super Bowl appearance (a handful of teams have done this and won).

Correlation does not mean causation, but for the Arizona Cardinals, they need all the positive vibes they can get on the way.

Finally, don’t let Darren Urban tell you the team doesn’t need new uniforms, especially when it comes to the color rush ones. The Cardinals desperately need to change both.

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