Kyler Murray finally signs bonkers extension, but is it the right amount?


The Arizona Cardinals just made a serious commitment to Kyler Murray.

It’s finally happened Cardinals fans. After months of games and statements made on parchment paper, the Arizona Cardinals have extended Kyler Murray. It’s Murray’s first significant contract extension, which will keep Murray in the desert until 2028.

Adam Schefter reported that it is worth $230.5 million, with $160 million guaranteed. He’s now the second-highest paid-per-year quarterback in the league as well. It’s the biggest contract that the Cardinals have ever done in their team history.

It’s a day to celebrate if you’re Kyler Murray, the former Oklahoma quarterback that has taken the Arizona Cardinals to a playoff contender after inheriting a disastrous 3-13 team the year before he arrived.

Kyler Murray gets a massive $200 million contract extension- but are the numbers worth it?

In one regard, making the Cardinals a relevant team deserves a big payday. But did Murray earn the contract to be as close to Deshaun Watson’s as it is? Yes, Murray’s guarantees are significantly less than Watson’s.

But paying $200M+ for the results that they’ve gotten is a bold investment. It could always be that they’re paying him for what they think he’ll become (A Super Bowl-winning passer). In one of the toughest divisions in the league, the Cardinals have an uphill battle to fight.

On top of this, this means that no matter what, Kliff Kingsbury and Steve Keim are locked in as well. So there’s no reason for Michael Bidwill to fire either one of them, as the trio was joined at the hip the moment Murray was drafted.

So congratulations to Murray for getting his money. He now has even more pressure to make sure that he makes it worthwhile for the organization and the fans. If they’re successful this year, then it’ll go a long way in doing so.

We’ll need to talk if it’s another collapse for the third season in a row.

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