2022 NFC Predictions: Lots of familiar teams, but a few surprises

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The 2022 NFC Predictions will most likely see the Arizona Cardinals make the playoffs again now that Rodney Hudson is back. But who would be their competition in the playoffs, and how would the other divisions in the NFC play out?

While the AFC now has a lot more talent after this year’s free agency, the NFC has won the past two Super Bowls. So it’s going to be interesting to see if the NFL will see the NFC win 13 straight Super Bowls once again, as it did from 1985 to 1997.

The Arizona Cardinals are still in a tough division, even with Russell Wilson leaving for the Denver Broncos. They could back into the playoffs like they did last season, or hopefully, it would be something different.

Here’s a look at the NFC, starting with its weakest division:

2022 NFC Predictions
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The NFC East is still the NFC “Least” in our 2022 NFC Predictions

This division still gets way more primetime games than they deserve, with the teams in the county’s northeast-ish area.

This would’ve been a runaway win for the Dallas Cowboys had the Philadelphia Eagles not only had a bonkers draft but also stole A.J. Brown from the Tenessee Titans to finally give Jalen Hurts a legitimate weapon (no, Devonta Smith isn’t that guy).

As for the Washington Commanders and New York Giants, it remains a battle of “who wants to be the worst?” Of course, any team led by a post-2017 Carson Wentz is fighting an uphill battle, and somehow Daniel Jones is still starting. But at least the Giants will wear their Lawrence Taylor-era throwbacks this year.

Our 2022 NFC Prediction for the NFC East is: Dallas Cowboys

Until the Eagles can show the Cowboys whose boss, this won’t change. Jalen Hurts could challenge for the top wildcard spot this year instead of needing help to get in. Dallas takes the east pretty easily.