2022 NFC Predictions: Lots of familiar teams, but a few surprises

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2022 NFC Predictions
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The NFC South comes in third place in the conference rankings

What a polarizing division. You got quarterbacks like Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, Sam Darnold, and or Baker Mayfield…. and Tom Brady. Talk about a statistical outlier in Brady, and kudos to him for seeing how this division would collapse soon enough that he’d be playing in another version of the AFC East.

The Atlanta Falcons were hoping to bring one of their own home in Georgia native Deshaun Watson. Still, the Cleveland Browns did what they had to do to get hiAfterter trading Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Co, they’re in a full rebuild mode.

Next are the Carolina Panthers, who trade for quarterbacks drafted by other teams like they’re John Gruden hoarding quarterbacks on his depth chart. They have some pieces, but Matt Rhule hasn’t done great, so he’ll have to get some actual production to keep his job.

The New Orleans Saints take second place; who would’ve had a vastly different season had Winston not gotten hurt. Chris Olave and Jarvis Landry are fantastic players to pair with Alvin Kamara, and the defense has been known to get in opponent’s faces and cause an upset or two.

Tampa Bay returns for a third season with Tom Brady, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t win this division.

Our 2022 NFC Prediction for the NFC South is: Tampa Bay

Do we need to say more about how Brady can easily win this?