2022 NFC Predictions: Lots of familiar teams, but a few surprises

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2022 NFC predictions
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The NFC West is still number one in our 2022 NFC Predictions

Even after the Seattle Seahawks decided to move on from Russell Wilson (thank you), the NFC West has been the absolute toughest NFC division for the last decade. Since 2008, all of its teams have made the Super Bowl, including two wins (Seattle in 2013 and this past year with the Rams).

In fourth place are the lowly Seahawks. No matter who leads this team, they are in for one rough year. Personally, I don’t think Geno Smith did that bad last season- and that Pittsburgh loss should be blamed on D.K. Metcalf’s cluelessness.

Unlike the NFC North, this is where there’s a sizeable gap between fourth and third place. This is where the San Francisco 49ers land, especially with the news of Jimmy Garoppolo now being allowed to seek a trade. There’s a chance that the 49ers can be a playoff team under Trey Lance, but only time will tell.

In second place are the Arizona Cardinals. As good as it is to have Kyler Murray here for the long-term, the Cardinals are over the cap and cannot sign any other depth to the roster until moves are made. Arizona should be lucky that Rodney Hudson decided to come back; otherwise, their season outlook would be much grimmer.

The Los Angeles Rams made crazy moves in free agency and didn’t miss a beat.

Our 2022 NFC Prediction for the NFC West is: The Los Angeles Rams

There is no debate when you add Allen Robinson and Bobby Wagner to your Super Bowl-winning roster. The Cardinals will need to be lucky to even take a game from the Rams this season.