D.J. Humphries becomes anchor of Arizona Cardinals for life

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

D.J. Humphries played the long game and got rewarded by the Arizona Cardinals.

After a rocky start to his career, D.J. Humphries reeled it all in and got what any NFL player has always wanted- their first big contract. Humphries now has a shot to get close to the record tenure that Hall of Famer Dan Dierdorf was with the team (13 seasons).

No details have been released of his contract as of this writing, but it’s going to be interesting seeing how they did it, as Spotrac is reporting two conflicting amounts of cap space for the Cardinals.

On one hand, the Cardinals were $20M over the cap due to the Kyler Murray contract. But just below that, Spotrac shows the Cardinals having $9M in cap space. So which one really is it, and how did the Cardinals extend Humphries while still in the red?

D.J. Humphries got his wish to be a part of the Arizona Cardinals for life

While it’s only a three-year extension until 2025, Humphries is one of the better left tackles in the league. After stepping up for Murray in the offseason, it’s undoubtedly deserved for Humphries.

It’s important to reference the Tweet above, as the Cardinals offensive line had nobody returning for next year (on paper) until this happened.

Everyone knows the importance of an offensive line, and not having one for your franchise quarterback is a recipe that can result in him leaving town (Russell Wilson). That doesn’t mean that the offensive line is fixed.

The interior part of the line still needs a ton of work, but this is a good start for Steve Keim and the Arizona Cardinals.

This was the good news Cardinals fans needed today after a string of dramatic occurrences. More news like this from now on would be ideal as well- let’s keep it that way.

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