Arizona Cardinals: Keim taking notice of Kingsbury’s inadequacy


The Arizona Cardinals situation at head coach may not be as hopeless as we initially thought, given recent news from the desert. 

Steve Keim has gotten a lot of things wrong during his reign as the Arizona Cardinals general manager, which includes whiffing on about 100 draft picks (hardly an exaggeration). The team has been barely relevant since his fourth season on the job in 2016, and they have underachieved dramatically over the past 365-plus days.

Since their 7-0 start in 2021, the Cardinals are just 7-12 (playoffs included), and they missed star receiver DeAndre Hopkins in 14 of those contests. Without Hopkins in the lineup in that span, they were 5-9.

But there is really no excuse here, as they have a former first overall pick in Kyler Murray at quarterback, a tight end in Zach Ertz that can still produce at a high level. And in April, they traded for Murray’s former college teammate, Marquise Brown.

This, along with an offensive line that includes two former Pro Bowlers, one think the Cardinals offense would be just fine without Hopkins. The harsh truth is, they aren’t, and that reality is sinking in with Keim. Here is a snippet of what he had to say.

"“The inconsistency on offense would have to be the alarming thing when you know you have a number of talented players on that side of the ball,” – via Arizona Sports."

Steve Keim has noticed the Arizona Cardinals offensive woes

Through eight games, the Cardinals rank 15th in scoring, which some may consider to be a decent number. But when you factor in all of the above talent, once again, you would think, even without Hopkins, that this would be a top-ten offense.

But it’s not just the team’s lackluster scoring; they are also once again among the highest-penalized teams in football. Something that has plagued the Kingsbury-led group since the former Texas Tech coach arrived in the desert.

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Then there is the fact Cardinals brass signed Kingsbury and quarterback Kyler Murray to massive extensions after they did, what exactly? Get laughed off the field in a playoff loss to the Los Angeles Rams? Suffer massive collapses in the second half of each season between 2019-2021?

Article Source: Cardinals GM Steve Keim ‘alarmed’ by lack of offensive consistency by Alex Weiner

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