10 players who could be the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback in 2024

With Kyler Murray returning today, he gets the first crack at becoming the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback in 2024, but he’s not a shoo-in for the gig.
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This article isn’t saying that Kyler Murray will be finished with the Arizona Cardinals following an eight-game stretch. To that regard, he is on this list and in the ‘Franchise Quarterback’ tier. However, anything can happen between now and January 2024, so let’s have fun and check out 10 different players (including Murray) who could line up under center for the Cards in 2024. 

Below, you will see three tiers of quarterbacks, listed as either potential franchise players, redemption players, and potential stopgaps. The top tier has the potential to start at the position for the next decade, while those looking for redemption could be the long-term answer, but probably won’t be. The third tier is nothing but potential short-term answers for a season or less. 

Caleb Williams
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10 players who could be the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback

Franchise quarterbacks

1 - Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray is the likeliest choice here, since the offense is tailor-made for him, and he’s raring to go after being out of action for 11 months. It’s Murray’s job to lose, and he would need a complete meltdown over the next two months for the Arizona Cardinals to even consider moving on

2 - Caleb Williams

If the Cardinals land the top pick, chances are greater that Murray did not live anywhere near expectations, necessitating a potential change at the position. Caleb Williams would be the likeliest pick at No. 1 overall if the draft occurred today, so there is a good chance he ends up in the desert if Murray struggles through some lackluster outings. 

3 - Drake Maye

While Drake Maye is considered the No. 2 quarterback prospect, there is still the bowl season, the NFL Combine, and the pro days left for him to pass Williams. If Maye makes his case, then he could wind up as the top pick in 2024, even if Williams does nothing wrong on his part.