3 opponents we'd love to see the Cardinals play in primetime

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

Last year, the Arizona Cardinals didn't receive a single primetime game. While that trend could continue in 2024, there's hope that the Cardinals can be more competitive this year after they added some major firepower to their roster in the form of Marvin Harrison Jr.

If the Cardinals are rewarded with at least one primetime game, who are some opponents that would make sense for them to play in a standalone game?

Chicago Bears

Both the Cardinals and the Bears are teams who could be on the up-and-up in 2024 if things break correctly for both sides. The Cardinals added Harrison to their offense while the Bears drafted Caleb Williams with the first overall pick and have a talented group of receivers for him to throw to. These teams each being potential playoff contenders could make for a fun Monday night showdown.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings aren't a team getting much love in the offseason and Cardinals fans know that feeling all too well. The Vikings went on to play decently last season after Kirk Cousins went down for the year and this year, they'll have J.J. McCarthy and Sam Darnold battling it out for their starting quarterback job. The success of their 2024 season will come down to how well those two play but it could still be an intriguing match-up to have them go against Arizona in primetime.

Any NFC West Rival

The Cardinals' best chance at getting a standalone game is against one of their division rivals. The Rams and 49ers will get plenty of primetime match-ups due to being playoff teams a season ago so perhaps Arizona vs. Seattle on a Thursday night could make sense. The NFC West has long been one of the best divisions in the league so hopefully the Cardinals benefit from that when getting a primetime match-up.