3 reasons why James Conner will have repeated success in 2024

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2.) Improved offensive line

Along with improving the weapons on the offense, Monti Ossenfort and the front office also addressed the offensive line in various phases of free agency and the NFL Draft. In free agency, the Cardinals were able to sign veteran offensive tackle Jonah Williams who will start out the season as of right now playing right tackle (moving Paris Johnson Jr. over to left tackle). Then they were able to acquire versatile offensive lineman Evan Brown who has a shot at starting at guard this season.

In the draft, the Cardinals drafted an Illinois top run blocker in Isaiah Adams who is fantastic at dominating the trenches in the run game. Later in the third round, the Cardinals would then draft tight end Tip Reiman who is more of a blocking tight end that can help create open space at the first and second levels. Then in the fifth round, the Cardinals managed to draft offensive tackle Christian Jones who should develop nicely into a solid starter for the future.

Long story short, the Cardinals have an improved offensive line which will benefit Conner by getting to the second level and make a play in the open field.

1.) Contract year

Ah yes, the two words that make players play their best (for the most part). Conner is heading into the final year of his contract with the Cardinals and at 29 years old, there is an argument to be made that he may not get a big market because he would be considered an older running back. However, coming off of a 1,000+ rushing yard season shows us that Conner has the chance to get atleast one more decent sized contract. Arizona drafted running back Trey Benson in the third round this past draft so there is a good chance that Conner is on a new team next season if the Cardinals don’t bring him back. Conner can easily change their minds if he repeats his success and can stay healthy.