3 ways the Arizona Cardinals can win the NFC West in 2024

It is possible, but it will take some skill and a taste of luck.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals / Jennifer Stewart/GettyImages
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One of the best parts about the NFL this time of year is that any bold prediction that is made is a possibility for next season. There are even some takes that seem ridiculous but anything can happen from now up until the season. We see trades that happen, injuries come into play, basically nothing is guaranteed until it is finalized.

Despite the Arizona Cardinals not having a lot of proven talent on the roster, Monti Ossenfort will have the chance to change that during the NFL draft as well as throughout the weeks and months leading up to the start of the season.

Heading into 2024, the Cardinals are not expected to have a lot of success. In fact, they are closer to finishing last in the NFC West for the second consecutive season. They have had three playoff appearances in the last decade, having won their division one time in that span. It is going to take a lot of skill and even a little bit of luck for the Cardinals to go as far as winning the NFC West, but anything is possible at this point. 

Here are the three ways the Cardinals can win the NFC West in 2024.