Arizona Cardinals will have successful draft with these 4 moves

With 11 picks to work with, the Cardinals can come out as winners after the NFL draft.
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The Arizona Cardinals are one of the teams in the NFL that is near the bottom of the league, but are not a bad situation. They have a franchise quarterback in Kyler Murray, a running back in James Conner who had a career year last season, and have taken care of some immediate areas of improvement in free agency. With the NFL draft being just over a month away, the Cardinals are going to need to identify a plan of attack as to what they plan on doing with their draft picks.

General manager Monti Ossenfort has a lot to work with in the draft. Having 11 picks, including 6 picks in the top 100, there should be no excuse as to why Ossenfort comes up short. One of the headlines as of lately involving the Cardinals is what they could with the #4 overall pick.

There are many avenues the Cardinals could take, but they need to be smart with their moves and there are four moves that would make them winners coming out of this draft.

Here are four ways the Cardinals can win the NFL draft.