4 bold Arizona Cardinals NFL draft predictions

Will the Cardinals draft heavy on offense?
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Live from Detroit this Thursday, the NFL is set to host the first big step going into next season. There will be 32 prospects whose lifelong dream will come true when they hear their name announced on the first night of the draft. Overall, there will be 257 players across the nation who will get a phone call from an NFL franchise and be told that they are getting drafted. When it comes to the Arizona Cardinals, they not only have 11 total picks, but six of them are in the top 100. They are going to be one of the busiest teams in the league without a doubt. 

With having two first round picks, Arizona will have a great amount of direction of where they could go on Thursday night. Monti Ossenfort will have a lot of work to do in order to improve the roster and it all starts on the first night of the draft. 

Here are the 4 bold predictions for the Cardinals’ 2024 draft.

4.) Cardinals get one of the big three WRs

Shouldn’t this already be a guarantee? Well, there is no such thing as a guarantee until it happens and is official. Arizona is in a prime spot at the 4th pick to draft one of the top three receivers in Marvin Harrison Jr., Malik Nabers, or Rome Odunze. With the Cardinals open for business for their top first round pick, there is a legitimate chance that Ossenfort makes a trade that sends the 4th pick somewhere else. If this were to happen, depending on who trades up with Arizona, Ossenfort is taking a risk of potentially losing out on these receivers.

However, knowing that the Cardinals are in desperate need of wide receiver help, there is no way that Ossenfort takes that big risk and moves down too low to get one of these receivers. It would be very surprising to see the Cardinals come out of the draft without one of these receivers. As of now, the Cardinals have high odds of landing Harrison. Unless the Cardinals get a king’s ransom offer for the 4th pick, Arizona is taking a wideout early to pair with Kyler Murray.