NFL Insider says Cardinals won't trade until draft night

Cardinals fans should not expect any moves before Arizona is on the clock.
San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

It feels like forever since the Super Bowl took place, but now we have our eyes set on the NFL Draft this week in Detroit. The first round will be a big one for the Arizona Cardinals, who currently have two first-round picks at #4 and #27. After a trade last year where the Cardinals acquired the Houston Texans' first round pick this year, Monti Ossenfort has the chance to do some damage in this draft. This is a loaded offensive draft which should be a great sight for the Cardinals. They already have a franchise quarterback in Kyler Murray and have signed offensive line help in free agency.

Arizona has been connected to rumors about possible trade downs from the 4th overall pick, but we might not see a move be made until the Cardinals are officially on the clock. NFL Insider Adam Schefter spoke on the Pat McAfee show regarding trade down rumors surrounding the Cardinals.

Schefter mentioned how the Minnesota Vikings, who also have two first-round picks, could trade up if they are able to acquire a quarterback that they like enough to make a trade that would involve both of their first round picks and beyond.

Would Monti Ossenfort make another trade back for the second consecutive year?

When the Cardinals traded with the Texans last year for the 3rd overall pick, they lost out on edge rusher Will Anderson Jr. who would win the Defensive Rookie of the Year award. Arizona is in a prime spot to land the best non-QB in this draft with wideout Marvin Harrison Jr. out of Ohio State. With the top three picks with Chicago, Washington, and New England, the Cardinals are in the best spot to truly start the draft that isn't a quarterback.

However, if the Cardinals want to take a risk by losing out on Harrison for draft picks, that is a bold strategy by Ossenfort. The Cardinals are one of the teams at the top of board in terms of draft picks and while they do need to fill a ton of holes in their roster, they need to stay put and take the best receiver in this class