4 bold Arizona Cardinals NFL draft predictions

Will the Cardinals draft heavy on offense?
Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears
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3.) Cardinals acquire great future draft capital

It would not be the draft without Ossenfort thinking about the future of the franchise. Now it is easy to say that the Cardinals would acquire future draft capital at some point in this draft. However, this is great future draft capital. In order for this to happen, it all revolves around the 4th overall pick where the Cardinals need to be smart. If the Cardinals wanted to take a major risk by trading out of the 4th pick but still trade back up to the 5th pick to get one of the top receivers in this draft, they better make sure they get great draft capital for the future.

While it might seem impossible to land a future first round pick, there is no reason why the Cardinals can’t get back a second round pick which is still high-end level starter status. It happened in a mock draft from CBS Sports published by R.J. White, and it is possible come draft night.