CBS Sports Analyst makes two trades for Arizona Cardinals in recent mock draft

This would be a long shot but anything is possible.
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There have been countless numbers of NFL mock drafts created by NFL fans and writers over the past couple of months. There is only just over a day left to get any mock drafts in before the Chicago Bears are officially on the clock on Thursday night. Aside from the Bears expecting to select USC QB Caleb Williams, there is no safe pick for the rest of the draft. CBS Sports Analyst R.J. White recently published a mock draft which had a great amount of trades and surprise picks in the first round. Within these surprises, the Arizona Cardinals were heavily involved.

To kick things off in White’s mock draft, the Cardinals first traded out of the 4th pick with the New York Giants who would select quarterback Jayden Daniels. Arizona would received the 6th overall pick along with #70 as well as a 2025 second-round pick. Then the Cardinals would trade right back with the Los Angeles Chargers at #5 overall to still get wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. The Cardinals would send picks #6, #90 and #162 to the Chargers. So for this, the Cardinals moved up 20 spots in the third round and acquired a future second round pick while still getting Harrison. 

Then in a shocking move, the Cardinals would trade up from #27 to the 12th overall pick and draft arguably the best defensive player in the draft in Dallas Turner out of Alabama. Arizona traded with the Denver Broncos to make this move and would send picks #27 and #35 for the 12th and 147th pick. White also had edge rusher Laiatu Latu as the first edge rusher off the board which is possible, but unlikely. 

In this mock draft, the Cardinals get the receiver that they have been connected to while still getting a future draft high draft pick as well as getting the best defensive player in this draft. The first scenario with Harrison is very possible, but the second setup with Turner is highly unlikely.

However, if the Cardinals can somehow pull this move off with a little bit of luck, it would be hard to say that the Cardinals did not win the first round of the draft.