4 positions the Cardinals must address in rounds two & three in NFL Draft

While the first round of the NFL draft will be crucial for the Arizona Cardinals, they will still have many more holes to fill in the later rounds.

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2.) Defensive tackle

All that the Cardinals’ defense is known for from last year was giving up over 140 rushing yards per game. Ossenfort went out in free agency and acquired defensive tackles Bilal Nichols and Justin Jones, both who agreed to bigger three-year deals. While Nichols and Jones are immediate temporary fixes, it will be important for Arizona to address finding defensive linemen to put in the middle of the defense. 

Each team in the NFC West has powerful running backs that the Cardinals will face twice a year. With Kyren Williams, Kenneth Walker and Christian McCaffrey all running at the Cardinals’ defense, Arizona will need to find a way to contain them, let alone completely stop them from getting momentum. Much like the cornerback spot, there is a higher chance that the Cardinals have the opportunity to draft a defensive tackle like Byron Murphy II out of Texas. However, there is a greater chance that Arizona could very well be on the search for a defensive tackle in the second or third round.