5 dream scenarios for Arizona Cardinals in 2024

Will the Cardinals have a complete turnaround season in 2024?
Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
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2.) Kyler Murray wins MVP

It has not been two years since Kyler Murray tore his ACL late in the 2022 season but he was dearly missed last season when the Cardinals heavily struggled without his presence. Once he came back into the lineup, he made magic happen with minimum to work with. He now has a much better supporting cast around him that includes an improved offensive line. With weapons like Marvin Harrison Jr., Zay Jones, Greg Dortch, Trey McBride and the rushing attack with James Conner and Trey Benson, Murray has a lot to work with. 

If Murray were to perform at such a high level to where he wins the MVP, it would put doubters in silence and it shows the NFL that Murray is still the player that the Cardinals need in order to go far. This task won’t be easy though because Murray has yet to throw for over 4,000 yards in a season as well as 30+ touchdowns. However, anything is possible and we have seen players perform at a high level after a couple seasons of above average play.

1.) Cardinals win a playoff game in 2024

It has been nine years since the Cardinals have won a playoff game. Back in 2015, Arizona made it to the NFC championship game where they lost to the Carolina Panthers. Since that season, Arizona has just one playoff appearance from 2021 in which they lost to the Los Angeles Rams in the wild card round. Should Arizona make it to the playoffs in 2024, that will already be a huge success considering what they have recently been. Although getting to the playoffs is great, winning a playoff game is even better.

The Cardinals have the chance to shock the NFL by taking a serious step forward in the right direction. It won’t be easy but it is possible in a weaker conference that does not have the same talent like the AFC does.