6 Free agent moves from NFC West that Cardinals fans can laugh at

Until the games start, everyone can get laughed at.

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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Los Angeles Rams

1. Signing QB Jimmy Garoppollo

For the last couple years, the Rams have been playing musical chairs with whoever's backing up Matt Stafford. And considering Stafford has been dealing with injuries for a while now, and is 36, that role looks significantly more important for the Rams than it probably is elsewhere across the NFL. And with the opportunity in front of them to get their next franchise QB in place and have him sit and learn under Stafford and Sean McVay, the Rams went and signed ... Jimmy G? Who can't even play for the first two games of next year because of his suspension? OK then!

2. Signing Colby Parkinson to a deal worth almost $23 million

The Rams clearly had one priority this offseason: keeping Stafford on the field. After giving out two huge contracts to offensive linemen – Jonah Jackson and Kevin Dotson – they went and signed Parkinson, who's basically a run-blocking tight end, a contract over $20 million. His role as a pass-catcher expanded in the last two of his four seasons with the Seahawks, but he still comes to LA as a four-year vet with less than 100 career catches and only 618 receiving yards. The Rams already have some young tight ends on the roster that are worth an extended look, and Tyler Higbee figures to be back at some point in 2024. But otherwise, the move definitely, totally makes sense.