One advantage the Arizona Cardinals have that nobody is talking about for 2023

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For 2023, expect the Arizona Cardinals offense to look dramatically different in more than just one way. And that plays to the team’s advantage.

What’s made the Arizona Cardinals the NFL’s laughingstock so far in 2023? Honestly, it’s nothing more than subjective issues, like the lack of free agency signings, losing out on big-name coaches, the DeAndre Hopkins situation, and further, the fact that the Cards may enter 2023 with either Colt McCoy or David Blough as the starting quarterback. 

Quarterback Kyler Murray is right when it comes to his ACL rehab. Rush nothing, do what the knee lets you do, and when it says stop, just stop. This also tells us that, although things are looking up for Murray, there is no guarantee he will be ready for Week 1. 

Enter McCoy and/or Blough, who will take first team reps. And although the duo have a combined record of 11-32, it shouldn’t spell doom and gloom for the Cardinals. Instead, they could have an advantage here. 

Arizona Cardinals will be running multiple styles of offense in 2023

Kyler Murray is a dual threat quarterback while neither Colt McCoy nor David Blough are known for their rushing. McCoy is 36, and has slowed down with age, while Blough ran a 4.91 during the pre-draft process in 2019. 

Neither McCoy nor Blough boast immaculate arm strength, so you’re likely to see a simple, three-step drop offense that will feature short to intermediate passes. The offense will also center itself around running back James Conner in an attempt to ease the workload for McCoy and Blough. 

When Murray returns, you will eventually see an up-tempo offense featuring rollouts, play-action, and perhaps even designed quarterback runs. However, upon Murray’s immediate return, don’t be surprised if you see something more along the lines of what Blough and McCoy will run, if they don’t run such an offense depending on who they’re playing. 

Given the multiple offensive schemes you will see this season, especially until Murray returns and gets back up to speed, it should give the Cardinals quite an advantage. While opponents will have a general idea of what the Cardinals offense will look like, whether it’s Blough or McCoy starting, they will have no idea what will happen when Murray returns in the short run. 

Will they see Murray hit the ground running, or will they see him continue with something similar to what we will see from Blough and McCoy? Why not both? Why not mix it up for the entire season?

Because we don’t know what we’re going to see from Murray upon his immediate return, it could make life difficult for opponents game planning to stop him. Of course, this is all speculation. But it could spell a huge advantage for the Arizona Cardinals in 2023 if they have Murray play more than just his vintage, backyard style of football that he excels in. 

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