Popular AI app snubs Larry Wilson from its list of Top 5 Arizona Cardinals

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Chat GPT has been an exciting innovation so far in 2023. But it still snubbed one of the best NFL players ever from its list of top five Arizona Cardinals.

When Fan Nation asked the popular AI app Chat GPT to rank its top five Arizona Cardinals ever, it came up with a solid list. And although the app nailed it by putting Larry Fitzgerald at the top, it snubbed another man named Larry-Larry Wilson, who dominated the secondary for the St. Louis Cardinals between 1960 and 1972.

For the record, this list did include a member of the old St. Louis Football Cardinals, as it added former great Roger Wehrli, a teammate of Wilson’s between 1969 and 1972. Others included were Kurt Warner, Adrian Wilson, and Aeneas Williams. 

Not a bad list, but there are at least two names up there that I’d swap out in favor of Wilson, namely Warner and Adrian Wilson. While I’m a big fan of the former Cardinals quarterback, he only saw time in the desert for five seasons, and he was in the twilight of his career. Adrian was great, but his career accolades are nothing compared to Larry’s. 

Chat GPT snubs Larry Wilson from list of Top 5 Arizona Cardinals

Not only did Larry Wilson win Defensive Player of the Year honors in 1966, he also saw six First-Team All-Pro selections, one as a Second-Team All-Pro, and he earned eight Pro Bowl berths. He also logged 52 interceptions, 800 return yards, and five pick-sixes, including a career long 96-yard return in 1965. 

Overall, the Pro Football Hall of Famer’s snub generally shocked me, given the way he was able to produce year after year for what were some terrible Redbirds teams from back in the day. It just shows you that, despite how remarkable Chat GPT has been during its introduction into our global culture, even it isn’t capable of being entirely free of controversy when it comes to ranking NFL players. 

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Source: ChatGPT Ranks Top Five Cardinals Players of All-Time by Donnie Druin, SI.com