3 ways the Arizona Cardinals can bounce back in Week 2 vs. Giants

The Arizona Cardinals may find themselves as one of the NFL’s better projected teams, but they also can’t dig themselves into an 0-2 hole.
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders
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Joshua Dobbs, Jonathan Allen
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages

3 - Stretch the field

When 61.9% of your total completions go to tight ends and running backs, you aren’t taking enough chances downfield. We all know Josh Dobbs isn’t entirely accurate when he goes deep, but he has a pair of big targets in Michael Wilson and Zach Pascal who can win one-on-one matchups with opposing defenders. 

This isn’t to say Dobbs needs to drop back and chuck every other pass downfield, as it’s not his strength. But he also can’t get so predictable this week that the defense already knows where the ball’s going before it’s snapped. 

Hopefully, Drew Petzing doesn’t rely on Dobbs like he did in Week 1. But the 28-year-old inevitably will find himself in passing situations, and he needs to keep the Giants defense guessing if he plans on keeping his job as the starter until Kyler Murray returns. Dobbs is likely one pedestrian performance away from getting pulled, so knowing there is a rookie creeping up behind him should add another layer of motivation. 


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