3 ways the Arizona Cardinals can bounce back in Week 2 vs. Giants

The Arizona Cardinals may find themselves as one of the NFL’s better projected teams, but they also can’t dig themselves into an 0-2 hole.
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders
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2 - Repeat their performance on defense - without the penalties

The Arizona Cardinals defense may have put on an overall stellar outing last week, but they still gave the Commanders one drive. In the first quarter, the Cardinals gave up 67 penalty yards on one drive that started at the Washington nine-yard line. 

When you do the math (91 minus 67), the Commanders only gained 24 yards, meaning the Cardinals gave them 73.6% of the number of yards needed to score via penalty. It was great to see a physical, swarming defensive unit, and that needs to be the norm all season. But if the Cardinals want to put themselves in the best overall chance to win, they can’t give up massive chunks of yardage on penalties. 

If they continue to bring heat the same way they did last week, then Giants quarterback Daniel Jones can expect to toil through yet another long game. Arizona and Dallas had some similar numbers defensively in Week 1, and a repeat effort without the penalties should rattle this Giants offense.