Cardinals move forward with Kyler Murray in this 5-round 2024 NFL mock draft

Arizona Cardinals, Kyler Murray
Arizona Cardinals, Kyler Murray / Jennifer Stewart/GettyImages
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. Theo Wease. 4. 531. . . WR. Theo Wease. Theo Wease. player

With their second of two picks in the fourth round, the Cardinals add another wide receiver to the fold by going with Missouri's Theo Wease. In today's NFL, it pays to have someone who can gain yardage after the catch. That guy ends up being the quarterback's best friend.

In a nutshell, that's Wease. He has a 6-foot-3 frame that he knows how to use after securing the ball. In the open field, he's lethal. He is not easy to bring down and makes a living moving the chains. With Harrison and Wease, the Cardinals have two more bigger bodies to add to the 6-foot-2 Michael Wilson in the passing game.

. 528. Ray Davis. . RB. . 5. player. Ray Davis. Ray Davis

To round out this mock, the Cardinals use their lone fifth-round pick on Kentucky running back Ray Davis. With James Conner still under contract for 2024 and having produced an excellent season this last year, Davis comes in as a guy who can compliment the veteran and potentially take over the job in the future.

You're not going to get a more well-rounded running back any later than this, as Davis is prolific in both the ground and passing game. In his final collegiate season, Davis rushed for 1,129 yards and 14 touchdowns, averaging 5.7 yards per carry. He also caught 33 passes for 323 yards and seven scores.

An experienced pass blocker and someone you can line up in the slot, even, Davis brings a lot to the position. He should end up having a very solid career as a pro.