Top 3 Arizona Cardinals who should consider wearing No. 0

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We saw college football players deck themselves out in No. 0 over the past few seasons. Now, the number could come to your Arizona Cardinals.

Two years ago, the NFL (thankfully) got rid of their ridiculous numbering system. And while they relaxed the rules in recent seasons, their latest change allowed all players except for linemen to wear any number of their liking. 

Now running backs can wear numbers in the single digits and teens. Ditto for defensive backs and linebackers. The list goes on. But for some strange reason, the NFL omitted No. 0 to be allowed. 

Until today, that is. So who on the Cardinals are worthy of boasting such an honor? Here are three names, each worthy in their own way. 

Top 3 Arizona Cardinals worthy of No. 0

1 - Budda Baker

Since entering the league, Budda Baker has changed his number three times. First, he wore No. 36, before he switched to No. 32, before finally, to No. 3. 

Baker’s play on the field stands out, and this season, so will No. 0 since it’s so new. Given Baker’s resounding success as arguably the Arizona Cardinals best defensive back since Aeneas Williams, he is more than worthy of the moniker. 

2 - Isaiah Simmons

Like Baker, Isaiah Simmons also changed his number, going from No. 48 to No. 9. And while Simmons looks good in the number, he is also a player without a true position, despite being listed as a linebacker. 

To symbolize the star linebacker’s status as a floater, it makes sense to give him the NFL’s most unique, and newest, number. Simmons is worthy, so let’s see if he forgoes No. 9 and opts for No. 0. 

3 - Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray’s torn ACL and subsequent rehab that appears to be going quite well at the moment could signify a new era in his career. Last season, and even recently, he’d been called out for his maturity and poor play on the field. 

So why not ditch No. 1 and roll with something different? Let the new number solidify that it’s the dawn of a new era for Murray, and hopefully, he thrives with No. 0 and takes the team further than he ever had wearing No. 1. 

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