Arizona Cardinals History: Who had the most rushing yards in a single season?

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The Arizona Cardinals have been in the NFL for over 100 years, and they’ve had many great backs in that timeframe. Who has the most single-season rushing yards?

This is one of those questions when you have to ask whether we’re talking about strictly the Arizona Cardinals, or if we’re also inserting the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cardinals into the mix. One reason for this is because, unlike previous articles talking about single-game passing and rushing records, the leading single-season rusher in franchise history was around when the team played in St. Louis. 

That was Ottis Anderson, who between 1979 and 1983, put up top-notch numbers. In 1981, Anderson ran for 1,376 yards, and the year before that, 1,352. In 1983, he rushed for 1,270 yards, rounding out his streak of dominance for St. Louis. 

But his 1979 season remains his absolute best, and to date, the best in franchise history. That year, Anderson rushed for 1,605 yards on 331 attempts, good for 4.8 yards per carry. Even more impressive? Anderson also averaged 100.3 yards per game, while he also tacked on eight touchdowns. 

Who had the most single-season rushing yards in Arizona Cardinals history?

If we’re talking about the Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals (1988-present), then the honor goes to David Johnson, whose legendary 2016 season remains a popular topic of interest among fans. That year, Johnson tore through opposing defenses, amassing 1,239 rushing yards and an astounding 16 touchdowns. 

What’s more? Johnson also tacked on 80 receptions for 879 yards and an additional four touchdowns. This gave him 2,118 all-purpose yards and 20 touchdowns, which accounted for one of the best seasons of any offensive player in team history. 

So, if we’re talking about the best single-season rushing record in the history of the Arizona Cardinals franchise, Ottis Anderson gets the gold. But if we’re only referring to the time this team has spent in the desert, then Johnson receives the nod. 

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