Top 5 Arizona Cardinals who can become impact players in 2023

The common consensus is that the Arizona Cardinals have a roster devoid of talent, but upon closer inspection, they actually have a few potential impact players.
Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals
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Isaiah Simmons
Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

3 - Isaiah Simmons

While the Arizona Cardinals didn’t pick up Isaiah Simmons’ fifth-year option, I’m not convinced that this will end up like a Haason Reddick situation. Especially now, since Simmons only needs to focus on playing in the secondary, it will keep one of my breakout candidates in 2023 from having to focus on trying to learn multiple roles in a short time frame, and this will only help the fourth-year player.

This could lead to a strong campaign for Simmons, who nonetheless put up solid numbers since his rookie year in 2020. And this occurred while he tried to juggle multiple roles, so what can he do when only asked to focus on one?

4 - Zaven Collins

Regardless of which position he spends most of his time in 2023, Zaven Collins will make an impact. Last season, Collins made several impact plays, including a pick six, a forced fumble, and 11 stops behind the line. 

He only had two sacks, but Collins showed multiple times that he can invade the backfield. When he plays EDGE this season, expect him to fight his way into the backfield more often, haunting running backs and quarterbacks alike.