Top 5 Arizona Cardinals who can become impact players in 2023

The common consensus is that the Arizona Cardinals have a roster devoid of talent, but upon closer inspection, they actually have a few potential impact players.
Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals
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Kyler Murray
Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

5 - Kyler Murray

You can argue that Kyler Murray has already been an impact player for the Arizona Cardinals. And while he’s put up gaudy numbers at times, Murray has yet to accomplish what the best players at the position have, and that’s kept him from achieving impact player status in my book. 

However, returning from a torn ACL with an improved mindset and attitude, it’s easier to expect Murray to have a different approach on gameday. Don’t look for the same disgruntled-looking, easily frustrated Murray to take snaps for the Cardinals this season. 

Murray has long since shown impact player potential, but he never had the mindset to match. That will change in 2023 when he eventually returns to the field, and it could foreshadow a dynamic 2024 outing. And if Murray proves he's still 'the guy' for the Arizona Cardinals, then this team's supposed "rebuild" won't last long.

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