3 Arizona Cardinals whose jobs could be on the line in Week 6

As Act I of the Arizona Cardinals 2023 season comes to a close, which players could see their respective jobs on the line heading into Week 6?
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The Arizona Cardinals have quite a few players who need to step up their game this week when they travel to Southern California to face the Los Angeles Rams. And unfortunately for them, there are others lower on the depth chart either ready to step up, or close to. 

One player listed below was supposed to take another step forward after he surprised us all with a tremendous sophomore campaign. But at the near-one-third mark of the season, he’s been one of the worst players at his position. 

Another won the starting job by mainly default following an injury to his competition. However, he hasn’t seen the playing field as often over the past couple of weeks. And finally, the third player listed has struggled throughout his pro career, and the Cardinals may have found his eventual replacement, at least in the short-term. 

Marco Wilson
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3 Arizona Cardinals whose jobs are on the line in Week 6

1 - Marco Wilson, CB

It doesn’t take a bunch of charts and metrics to understand just how poorly Marco Wilson has played this season. PFF has one of my biggest duds from Week 5 rated as the 100th best corner out of 109 qualified candidates with a grade of 45.0, and that’s just the tip of a much larger iceberg. 

So far in 2023, Wilson has allowed a passer rating of 137.5 while Pro-Football-Reference now has him rated at a slightly more lenient 134.3. This is coming just one season after Wilson allowed a 77.1 passer rating, so to say he regressed is the Understatement of the Season. 

He has also allowed 13.6 yards per reception according to PFF’s stats, and 10.6 yards per target according to Pro-Football-Reference. Luckily, the Cardinals have started playing Antonio Hamilton more this week, and if Garrett Williams gets activated to the 53-man roster, he may find himself in a starting role before he knows it if Wilson continues to put up horrific numbers.