Arizona Cardinals: No, Kyler Murray did not deserve Top 100 consideration

Cardinals' Kyler Murray (1) throws a pass to DeAndre Hopkins (10) during the second half at State
Cardinals' Kyler Murray (1) throws a pass to DeAndre Hopkins (10) during the second half at State / Patrick Breen/The Republic / USA TODAY

Though the Arizona Cardinals saw no one from their 53-man roster last season earn a spot in CBS Sports’ Top 100, a couple of names got an honorable mention.

Somehow, the Arizona Cardinals didn’t even see Budda Baker grace CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco’s Top 100 list. And somehow, Kyler Murray, along with Baker, warranted an honorable mention. Yeah, how Murray was even remotely considered for the Top 100 is anyone’s guess, considering how badly he played in 2022. 

Per Pro-Football-Reference, Murray finished the season with a 3-8 record, and that alone should tell you he’s undeserving of an honorable mention on any Top 100 list. But his 66.4% completion percentage was Murray’s worst since his rookie season in 2019, and his 3.6% touchdown pass percentage was his lowest.

Murray also averaged just 6.1 yards per pass attempt last season, which wasn’t just the worst of his career, but it was also near the basement among all quarterbacks who had started at least 11 games. His yards per completion was a career-low of 9.1, and both his quarterback rating and QBR also hit career lows. 

Kyler Murray should have been nowhere near the Top 100

You look at those numbers, and you have to ask yourself how Murray even managed to gain anything close to consideration as an honorable mention. Sure, he still dazzled us at times on the ground, given his 418 rushing yards and three touchdowns. And if Murray didn’t get hurt, chances are he’d have snagged his second-highest rushing total of his career. 

There was also his improbable comeback against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 2, in which he made several big plays over the games final 30 minutes. But these statistics and his play against Las Vegas were few and far in between all the downers that occurred in 2022. 

Not only were Murray’s numbers bad, but so was his overall attitude. In short, there are at least 15 quarterbacks who anyone with football knowledge would have rated over Murray. Maybe if he looked like his 2021 self, I’d agree that he should have gotten a mention, or even a spot in the Top 100. 

But following his debacle of a season? He doesn’t deserve to get anywhere near anyone’s Top 100 list. Even as an honorable mention. 

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