Arizona Cardinals: Is Kyler Murray finally changing the narrative surrounding him?

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Thanks to his Jeff George-like persona since the Arizona Cardinals drafted him in 2019, Kyler Murray has generated a lot of criticism in the NFL universe.

Kyler Murray has been an underachiever over his first four seasons, and you can see that reflected in his record since becoming the Arizona Cardinals quarterback, his inability to lead the team to division championships, and his lack of success in the playoffs. Murray has a couple of Pro Bowls and Rookie of the Year honors, but really, if Tyler Huntley can make the Pro Bowl, is the former even relevant these days?

But since tearing his ACL last December, we’ve seen signs that Kyler Murray’s persona is changing for the better. And let’s hope that’s the case, given the amount of money the Cards are paying him to be more than just a franchise quarterback, but also an eventual cornerstone. 

Bob McManamon of AZ Central gave us even more insight into Murray’s changing attitudes. And the first one that jumps out at me is the following snippet from one of their latest articles:

"“According to coach Jonathan Gannon and several players, Murray is usually the first person to show up at team headquarters and he’s among the very last to leave.” "

Bob McManamon, AZ Central

That’s quite the endorsement, and one that shows us perhaps the 25-year-old Murray is indeed turning the page on his ticky-tacky first few seasons in the NFL. If that’s the case, then it could put the Cards in a winning situation for the future. 

Is the Arizona Cardinals quarterback changing for the better?

I’ll admit that I am a huge fan of Clayton Tune, and that I want to see the rookie step in, play well, and ultimately win the starting job, which will provide stability at the position. But at the same time, Tune isn’t receiving top-dollar to play quarterback, Murray is, so I’m not entirely on the Tune bandwagon. 

The Cardinals drafted Murray to be ‘the guy’ for the next 15 seasons, not Tune. And therefore, logistically, given his contract and draft status, it makes more sense for Murray to be the long-term answer at the position as opposed to Tune, Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, or whoever else may rise up the draft boards in 2024. 

So to hear McManamon speak highly of Murray and his constant participation in workouts and team meetings in their piece is nothing short of refreshing. That’s what a leader does, even if they’re on the mend, and Murray, at long last, is looking the part for the time being. 

Ideally, and I’ve said this several times in the past, Murray can return at some point this season, play lights-out football, and prove to us that he’s both the leader of this team and their franchise quarterback. If he can show us this, it will save the Arizona Cardinals the trouble of actively scouting and looking for an eventual replacement. 

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Source: Kyler Murray's aggressive rehab might be changing perceptions about the Cardinals' QB by Bob McManamon,