Arizona Cardinals: 3 offseason moves that already paid off in 2023

The Arizona Cardinals didn’t make many flashy moves in the 2023 offseason, but it doesn’t mean some haven’t dramatically paid off.
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The Arizona Cardinals looked like they did little this offseason in the way of making the team better, but through three weeks, that narrative is slowly fading to the wayside. Not that they won’t suffer a couple of blowout losses and stale performances (even the NFL’s best teams do), but there are a few offseason moves that are already paying off for this football team. 

Below, we will talk about three moves that have garnered nothing but positive returns for the Redbirds. And best yet, each of the moves listed below could be building blocks for the long-term, even the one I listed at #2. 

So which Cardinals players (or coaches) brought in during the offseason are already impressing us? One has been an absolute nightmare for opposing offenses to play against, while another is an ageless wonder whose play refuses to decline. And the third is a coach that was put into a terrible situation, yet is somehow making the most of what he has. 

Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals linebacker Kyzir White (7) holds on the ball after intercepting a Dallas Cowboys / Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY

3 Arizona Cardinals moves that have already paid off

1 - Signing Kyzir White

The Arizona Cardinals signed very few players whose names jumped out at you, but Kyzir White was one of those names. We have already discussed his on-field production, plus his heroics in the Cardinals win over the Cowboys in Week 3 in previous pieces, so let’s focus on something else here. 

Besides White’s career-best production, or to be more accurate, on-pace for a career-best production, the Cards also found an undisputed leader on defense with Budda Baker being unable to go. Losing Baker hurt, no doubt, but at least the Redbirds found an excellent consolation prize who could find himself playing in Glendale for quite some time. 

Regardless of whether the Cardinals feel they need to make more moves defensively to keep bringing in their own talent while discarding those left over from the Steve Keim Era, White is the player they might just build around.