Arizona Cardinals: 3 offseason moves that already paid off in 2023

The Arizona Cardinals didn’t make many flashy moves in the 2023 offseason, but it doesn’t mean some haven’t dramatically paid off.
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Matt Prater
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2 - Extending Matt Prater

Admittedly, I had my reservations on the Cardinals extending kicker Matt Prater on a two-year deal. Having turned 39 on August 10th, there was no way Prater’s leg strength was what it was, or so I thought. Then right before halftime in last Sunday’s win over the Cowboys, he drilled a 62-yard field goal through the uprights. 

It was a feat he also accomplished two seasons ago, and it’s clear that Prater’s leg strength is every bit as good as it was during his younger days. And really, until it wanes, or until his accuracy goes - he’s currently eight for nine on the season - then let’s keep the aging veteran in Glendale. 

And it’s not like he couldn’t kick for another decade, with legends such as Adam Vinatieri and Morten Andersen playing into their late-40s. Sure, they are outliers, but at this point, Prater could very well have potential to join that hallowed group.