Arizona Cardinals will take part in an ill-fated uniform matchup in Week 12 vs. Rams

The Arizona Cardinals will gear up to try and win their third game of the year in their all-black alternate uniforms, but that’s the good news.
Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals
Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals all-black alternates are a hit with some, and a miss with others. Personally, I’m a fan of the look, as it gives the Redbirds a rather intimidating edge, though I’ll also agree it should be worn sparingly. 

Therefore, I would have been pleased to see that they would break out the look this Sunday vs. the Los Angeles Rams, but there was only one major problem. The Rams will be wearing their “bone” colored jerseys, which is an odd mixture of white and gray, much like the Seattle Seahawks and their “wolf gray” look. 

The look debuted when the Rams overhauled their uniform combo in 2020, and thankfully, it got demoted by 2022 to alternate status. Unfortunately, the Rams didn’t discard the look, and we have the misfortune to see it on full display this coming Sunday afternoon. 

Arizona Cardinals vs. Rams will feature a horrid uniform matchup

The Rams have worn their “bone” jerseys just once this season in a 29-23 overtime win against the Indianapolis Colts, and they paired their “bone” pants with the look, which messed up what could have been one of the most aesthetically-pleasing matchups of the season had they flown into Indianapolis wearing their iconic modernized-classic white jersey and yellow pants, a look reminiscent of what they wore between 1973 and 1999. 

Fast-forward to Week 12, and it could have had “modernized classic” written all over it much like the Week 6 matchup had when the Cards wore their icy whites for the first time at So-Fi Stadium while the Rams opted for their royal blue tops and yellow pants. Instead, we’re seeing a decent combo squaring off against one of the more forgettable looks in football.

Had the Arizona Cardinals opted to wear the all-blacks vs. a team like the Ravens, they would have looked far better than when paired against the Rams “bone” colored uniforms. This game could have looked far better had the Cards rolled with their usual red jerseys (even the all-red look) and the Rams gone with the modern-classic.


Source: Gridiron-Uniforms