3 Arizona Cardinals players who saved their jobs this season

Under a new regime, every Arizona Cardinals player in that locker room was playing for their respective jobs, and three saved them through 13 games.

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Greg Dortch, Liam McCullough
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3 - Greg Dortch

Greg Dortch returned to Glendale on a one-year deal, and we hoped to see him win more playing time on offense. While that hasn’t happened, the speedster has nonetheless provided value as a returner and a sound depth piece, which should warrant a multi-year deal without a large price tag. 

Dortch has gotten more involved in the offense since quarterback Kyler Murray returned, snagging 20 targets. And while he only caught 10 of those with an overall catch percentage of 50, his special teams value alone will ultimately win him a new contract. 

Overall, there are quite a few Arizona Cardinals players who are still fighting for a spot in 2024, but it would be shocking if they got rid of any of the aforementioned names like Gardeck, Prater, and Dortch. Look for this trio to return to the desert next season, and to, in a worst-case scenario, act as stopgaps for the foreseeable future. 


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