Arizona Cardinals: 3 reasons why fans must rally behind Kyler Murray in 2023

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray won’t play for at least four weeks, but when he returns, fans must root for, and not against him.
Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals
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Kyler Murray is and should be the quarterback all fans of the Arizona Cardinals root for when he returns in 2023. He is the frontrunner to solidify himself as the team’s undisputed franchise quarterback, and a successful season from Murray will let the Cards climb at least an extra rung in their rebuild. 

Most importantly, if Murray performs well in coordinator Drew Petzing’s offense, then both he and everyone in the organization are coming back for 2024 and beyond, barring some severe meltdown next year. That will add much-needed stability to the franchise that has enjoyed nothing but bad press since the Los Angeles Rams eliminated them from the playoffs in January 2022.  

Kyler Murray
Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals / Norm Hall/GettyImages

Why the Arizona Cardinals fanbase must rally behind Kyler Murray

1 - Murray gives the Redbirds a franchise quarterback

It’s tough to find a franchise quarterback in the NFL, but the Arizona Cardinals might have one on their roster in Murray. He’s had a Rookie of the Year award and two Pro Bowl honors to his name, so it’s safe to say he can be a playmaker regardless of his height and size.

By trading or cutting Murray following the 2023 season, it won’t just cost the Cardinals a fortune; it also throws them back into an aura of mystery. There is a lot of talent slated to enter the 2024 NFL Draft at quarterback, but at this point, Murray is a better bet to be a franchise quarterback than Caleb Williams or Drake Maye. 

He’s also a better bet than at least half the quarterbacks in the NFL. Finding a franchise quarterback is a difficult endeavor, and since Murray has shown more than just franchise quarterback potential in the past, he’s the best option the Cardinals have if you’d like to watch them improve in 2024.