Cardinals Rumors: 4 way-too-early Kyler Murray trades for 2024

The Cardinals are in a spot where a new franchise quarterback could be coming.
Arizona Cardinals, Kyler Murray
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Trade Number 4: The Raiders make a swap with Arizona

Remember when Jimmy Garoppolo became the highest-paid backup quarterback in the league over in San Francisco? Well, he is about to do it again here in Arizona. The Raiders are another team that might not be sure where the quarterback position is headed at the moment, and could just go all-in on Kyler.


In exchange for Murray, the Cardinals would get Garoppolo, the no. 14 pick in this year's draft and a second rounder next year. Might that not be enough? Who knows. The Raiders could have to throw in another second or third-round pick, but this would be the gist of the deal.

Arizona would take their franchise quarterback and allow him to sit a little while if need be, while Garoppolo is in yet another familiar situation where he could be replaced at any given moment. Still, Garoppolo has handled these situations well over the years. He's not shied away from helping the younger guys and being a true vet.

Meanwhile, Kyler would join Davante Adams in Las Vegas, who finally gets another upper echelon quarterback. After Adams played with this year's crop of Raiders quarterbacks, I'm sure having Kyler throwing him the football would be a breath of fresh air.