Cardinals Rumors: 4 way-too-early Kyler Murray trades for 2024

The Cardinals are in a spot where a new franchise quarterback could be coming.
Arizona Cardinals, Kyler Murray
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Trade Number 3: The Bucs send a real intriguing package to the Cardinals

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are reeling, having lost six of their last seven games. Baker Mayfield has played pretty well to this point on the season, and much of their offensive woes have come from the fact that offensive coordinator Dave Canales doesn't know how to get his best players the football. With the entire Bucs coaching staff potentially on the chopping block, a Kyler trade sets the tone for a new era.

Murray/Bucs trade

The Cardinals get a real, nice package here, too. For starters, the Bucs would send their no. 7 pick in the draft along with a second-round pick in 2025. But, the Cardinals also get stud defensive lineman Vita Vea, who has been one of the best in the league for a few years now. Vea is under contract through the 2026 season, too, which gives the Cardinals some security in acquiring him.

This would be a heck of a package for Tampa Bay to give up, but if it meant they could land their franchise quarterback and put that position to rest after seeing Tom Brady walk away, then it would be worth it. Meanwhile, the Cardinals get two top-7 picks to work with in the draft. That wouldn't take long for a rebuild to swing things around.