Arizona Cardinals surprise in PFF’s simulator for the 2023 season

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How did the Arizona Cardinals season go when I simulated their season over at PFF's game simulator? Far better than even I thought. Let’s check out the results.

PFF’s game simulator is a new product that, although it’s still in beta mode, is fun to use if you want to get an idea of how the Arizona Cardinals season may end up via their current lineups and player grades. Since it’s been a month following the NFL Draft, they have since updated the simulator to include the rookie class, and that could be why the Redbirds season went so well when I put it to the test. 

So how did the Cardinals season turn out in my simulation? Here is a rundown of each game. 

  • at Washington Commanders - Win: 26-23
  • vs New York Giants - Loss: 38-25
  • vs Dallas Cowboys - Win: 32-27
  • at San Francisco 49ers - Win: 29-23
  • vs Cincinnati Bengals - Win: 27-13
  • at Los Angeles Rams - Loss: 29-27
  • at Seattle Seahawks - Loss: 31-22
  • vs Baltimore Ravens - Loss: 29-27
  • at Cleveland Browns - Loss: 20-13
  • vs Atlanta Falcons - Win: 13-9
  • at Houston Texans - Win: 18-10
  • vs Los Angeles Rams - Win: 27-13
  • at Pittsburgh Steelers - Loss: 18-13
  • vs San Francisco 49ers - Loss: 16-13
  • at Chicago Bears - Win: 30-5
  • at Philadelphia Eagles - Loss: 16-13
  • vs Seattle Seahawks - Win: 27-19

Hopefully, the PFF sim is right about the 2023 Arizona Cardinals

Now, it is important to remember that if you went ahead and conducted this simulation, chances are, you would see a different result. Donnie Druin of Fan Nation, for example, got a 3-14 record for the Cardinals, so you can see the vast deviation in this game sim. 

So what do I think about PFF’s take when I tried this? Honestly, I find it to be quite accurate, as I stated during my prediction of the Arizona Cardinals 2023 season that I thought they could be an eight-win team with their current roster, which is far better than many pundits realize. 

I can see the Cards at least beating Washington, Atlanta, Houston, and Chicago, and they can split the season series against the Rams and Seahawks. While I believe it’s farfetched that they will beat the 49ers or Cincinnati this season, I can see them stealing one from Dallas, and another from Cleveland. It’s also possible that they fly into Philadelphia and upset the Eagles in a sweet revenge game. 

Overall, I agree with PFF’s take from a record standpoint. Even if I think the Cards will swap out a few of those wins. Interested in trying the simulation for yourself? Check it out

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